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Code of Conduct Essay

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Code of Conduct Assignment
Subject | Teacher | | |
Business Ethics | Levi Barnes III | | February 17, 2015 |
The purpose of this assignment is to receive a detailed review of codes of conducts in various organizations.   Codes of conducts are tools that organizations use to provide information of their expectations of you as a member of their organization.  

  1. You must choose a company or organization with a code of conduct and provide a paper copy of the code with your submission and the code must be in English.   Any organization for-profit or not-for-profit.

  2. You must submit your choice today.   Once submitted the instructor will approve or disapprove your selection.   The purpose of this submission is to insure minimum duplication of organizations.

  3. DO NOT begin the assignment without the instructor’s approval.   The purpose of this approval process is to insure minimum duplication of companies.

  4. You are not to collaborate with other classmates in completing this assignment.

Listed below is the information that is required for this assignment:
Company Name | |
What does the organization do? | |
How long has the organization been in existence? | |
How many additions of the code of conduct have existed? | |
How many languages has the code been translated? | |
What is the date of the most recent code? | |
What is the title of the person who makes the opening statement in the code of conduct? | |
Does the code provide ethical dilemmas that relate to the organization?   Please summarize one dilemma that has been presented. | |
Does the organization have a Chief Ethics Officer?   If so please provide their name? | |
Does the code provide information on how to raise a concern within the organization?   If so, who and how do you raise a concern? | |
Based on the information provided in the code, would you join this organization?   Would you purchase product form this organization?   Please provide your reasoning of...

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