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Coca Cola Cash Flow Analysis

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As a leader of the non-alcoholic beverages industry, Coca-Cola Company set up a well-crafted sales term and credit policy allowing it to collect its receivables and cash on a regular basis and minimize any counterparty or default risk. In fiscal 2010, the company recorded $48 million in allowances for doubtful accounts, $4,430 million of net receivables and generated $9,532 million cash flow from its operating activities. The company has significantly increased its sales in emerging economies especially in India, all over Africa due to FIFA world cup activation program, Latin American countries, but sales were even in Western Europe and decreased in some eastern European countries due to the economic slump and financial difficulties that these economies still undergoing. The company offer very interesting incentives to its customers and has specific sales terms to each transaction which basically minimize the credit risk and maximize the company ability to collect its cash due to the excellent partnership set up by the management based on very close collaboration and assistance to the distributors, bottling companies, convenience stores in every region and part of the world.
On October 2nd 2010, Coca-Cola Company acquired 67% of Coca-Cola Enterprise’s North American business that was not already owned by the Company as a step forward to achieve its sustainable growth strategy through the creation of a unified operating system to enhance the distribution of its products and better serve its partners and customers in the very demanding and profitable North American market. The Company’s acquisition of CCE’s North America had a positive impact on 2010 net operating revenues that increase by $4,129 million, also sale of the Norwegian and Swedish bottling operations to the new CCE and the deconsolidation of some other businesses had a positive effect on the Scandinavian operations.
The company successfully achieved the acquisition of CCE North America due to the...

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