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Coca Cola Essay

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The global beverage market is growing as thousands of new products enter the industry. Among a variety of beverages, the soft drink has been a central part of daily life. Of these, Coca-cola, which dominates the soft drink industry, is one of the most famous and most valuable brands (Strauss, 2001). According to Brady (2000) and Superbrand Council (2008), Coca-Cola is distributed to more than two hundred nations and consumed at a rate of over one billion servings per day. However, in their first year of operation, a mere nine glasses of Coca- Cola were sold per day (Belis, n.d.). Generally, this drink has been developing at a dramatic rate since its entrance onto the market. In order to analyze the development of Coca-Cola from its initial invention to its full establishment in the market, this report will first summarize the history of the beverage. Then it will consider Coca-Cola’s business risks from a theoretical perspective. Next, it will identify three risks- customer acceptability, commercial viability, and competition-and their responding measures will be critically analyzed. Finally, impact and contribution of Coca-Cola will be highlighted.

History and development

Coca-Cola’s development from the invention of its original formula to the establishment of a corporation with a firm foothold in the global market was a long journey. In 1885, John Stith Pemberton, a pharmacist in Atlanta, Georgia, invented a headache remedy called “Pemberton's French Wine Coca” containing the extract from kola nuts, coca and wine (Hayes, 1996). Because of prohibition legislation passed by Atlanta in 1886, Pemberton was pushed to rewrite the formula using sugar instead of wine (ibid). When carbonated water was mixed into the syrup accidently, the soft drink, which was later named “Coca-Cola” by Frank Robinson, had been essentially invented (Hayes, 1996; Strauss, 2001). On May 8, 1886, Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta initially sold Coca-Cola at soda fountains, and during this...

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