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Co-Op Relations Essay

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PPLP Expectations

My related course for my PPLP Co-op placement is Grade 11 Gym (PPL3O).
My placement is at the Mariposa School of Skating, the tasks that I have to complete when I am at the placement are I have to skate singles and I have to do Off-Ice Training as well. My day consists of skating from 8-11 at the Allendale Recreation Centre, after school I would skate at 2:45 for a hour at the Allendale Recreation Center. Then at the end of the day I would do a Workout Session for an hour. Jordan Barber founder of Athletic Performance Systems runs this workout. However, every Monday Tuesday and Thursday also consist of Endurance stoking for 30 minutes. I have many employers that supervise me for different task that I have to do. My main coach that supervises me is Robert Tebby he is in Charge of doing all Singles programs and jumps. Paige Aistrop is another one of my main coach she is in charge of working on my spins.
These are the expectations that I completed at me Placement at the Mariposa School of Skating ;
  1. Explain the physiological benefits of physical activity (e.g., improved strength, endurance, energy” I believe that I accomplished this expectation by doing Program’s when I skate I have to 4 programs each day two of the programs are solos a long program and short program. The other two programs are in a duo in skating it is called Pairs when a guy and a girl skate together and do lifts jumps throws and spins. The long program consists of 11 elements that have to be completed in a 3:40 minute time limit.

  2. “Demonstrate the development of movement skills in a variety of physical activities” At my placement when you are in a lesson with a coach the coach will teach you new techniques and will uses different skating patterns skating into jump or spins. Also when you choreograph your program you have to use a variety of different skating skills, jumps and spins. In my program I have a variety of different skating such as backwards forwards...

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