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Club It Part 2 Essay

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Club IT Part 2
January 30, 2012
Shawn Rieder

Club IT Part 2
As Club IT continues to try to search for Information technology advancements for the business, some of the problems that Ruben and Lisa need to concentrate on as the company owners are resource, customer, and supply chain related needs. When these aspects of the company are approached from an IT perspective some new and innovative solutions will reveal themselves and Club IT will bridge some of the gaps within the company.
One of the problems that exist now is that the ticket ordering process is all done in person and over the phone. Club IT will benefit from an upgrade in the supply chain at this point. The ticket sales procedure will benefit from bringing the ordering process online, then making it more interactive while using a self-service model for customers to interact with. As part of the Net Generation, Club IT’s customer base is very familiar with interactive e-commerce sites and they expect Club IT to provide a similar online experience. A search feature and a review option would be a nice touch for customers who are browsing for an event to purchase tickets for. The journal of Economics, Management & Financial Markets says search and recommendation tools play a crucial role in e-commerce, and the consumer wants to easily scan huge assortments with the help of search technology (Sperdea, Enescu, & Enescu, 2011).
Club IT will also need to look at the company resources to see where information technology can help solve some of the problems in this segment of the company. One very obvious problem is the use of dial-up internet by they company. While dial-up internet services can be much cheaper than DSL and other options that are much faster; dial-up internet services are notoriously slower than these other alternatives, and cannot handle the large amount of internet traffic that Club IT hopes to generate at the site. The customers and employees at...

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