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Close Call Essay

  • Submitted by: arashin
  • on March 23, 2012
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Helen Keller once said, “Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened.” My heart felt like it was literally jumping out of my chest; I looked over to my dad, and gave a shy chuckle. Tears were running down my face like a raging river. He tried to console me by saying comforting remarks. After listening to my dad’s comforting remarks, I quickly came back to reality. Journeys bring both pleasures and hardships.
I will never forget the day I almost had my first car accident. As I walked out of my house, I looked at my father’s car with excitement. I had been driving around my neighborhood for quite some time now; I was eager and excited to finally drive outside of the gates. I was beyond ready; this was it, my moment.   I was actually driving outside of the prison gates; I felt as if I were a larva coming out of my cocoon, emerging as a free butterfly.  
Freedom should not be taken too lightly. Before I knew it, I had missed the turn to go back home. I was on my way towards the highway; I was mentally not ready for it. I did not experience much driving at high speeds before, and I was starting to get nervous now. I checked all my mirrors, and I spotted a truck behind me; I wanted to get rid of him, so I decided to turn into a Valero gas station. However, I did not realize how fast I was going when I made the right turn. My heart was pounding faster and faster; I wanted to avoid crashing my dad’s car into wall of rocks. While pulling up to the gas station, I swerved left avoiding the main road and the wall of rocks. I gave my dad a small chuckle, and immediately put the car in reverse without looking back twice and almost hit a car behind me. I put the car into park while tears were slowly falling down my face. My father tried to comfort me; I got out the car and demanded for him to drive me home.
I was officially scared to start driving again. I started driving less and less and always within the gates. Two weeks passed by, it was...

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