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Classroom Excersise Essay

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  • on March 31, 2014
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Activity 1.3 Questions That Reflective Teachers Ask Themselves
Lesson: 4-1 Relating Two Quantities
1. Did the students learn anything? If so, why? If not, why not?
The students learned how to relate two quantities. There were many opportunities for practice, and the retention showed through their responses, homework, and the quiz took the next day.
5. How flexible was I in modifying the lesson according to the students’ responses?
One graph we made was for a model rocket’s launch and landing. One student remarked that when the parachute is released it creates an upward lift, so the visual on the graph should have a slight lift at that moment. It was a very interesting remark that all the students agreed with. Granted the fact isn’t true, I wasn’t going to get in a whole debate to prove them wrong and adjusted the graph for their view. This rather showed that the student was showing his interpretation of what would happen in the scenario, which was one of the goals of this lesson.
6. How well did I manage classroom behavior? What other behavioral techniques could I have used? What technique worked best and what didn’t work? Why?
During lessons students are generally well behaved. If they start getting off track and start side conversations I give “the look” (normally lasts 5 seconds max), and students get back on track quickly. When we go over homework however, the students are a bit more out of control and I feel telling them to stop this and that more than going over homework. I suppose I could have tried the light switch flick or something more attention grabbing.
12. As a result of this lesson, what have I learned about teaching? How might I change to become a better teacher?
You can prepare all you want, but something that you’re not prepared for will happen. I can learn to be more flexible and have my plan set in stone.

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