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Cjs 220 Essay

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Law Opinion Paper
April 12, 2015

Law Opinion Paper
Normal law originated in Britain, and was certain procedures were adopted by the United States. The majority of laws are made by the federal and state legislature. Normal law contains rules and other doctrines of the English royal. For more than a four hundred year period, for the eighth to the eleventh centuries, the social system believed that when settling differences there was an increasing of feudalism. Since the United States of America was a new nation and had a government which many felt was not as nice as it could be. They were gathering information to create a different way of running the nation. There was a conference, called the Constitutional Convention, in which historical figures, such as Ben Franklin, George Washington, and James Madison attended. The purpose of the Constitutional Convention was for the state representatives to come together to decide the structure of the government. After the final compromise were made and clauses were polished, they voted. (Mount, 2011). The Constitution was finalized in 1787.
The Constitution establishes three major division of federal government. These are known as the legislative, executive, and judiciary. Each branch has its own part in how laws are created and used. Creating new laws is difficult and the legislatures sometimes have a problem defining them. Sometimes new laws come about because of a recent issue, in which there was no law about it before. A perfect example of this is the new Caylee law, this law come about after Caylee Anthony was not reported missing until about a month after she disappeared, this law states that any missing child must be reported missing within 48 hours of their disappearance. There will help in locating missing children faster. Laws such as this must have already been legislation, but never came into effect until something such as this occurs. The last branch of the government is called the judiciary branch....

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