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Cigarettes Essay

  • Submitted by: jayyphli04
  • on April 3, 2014
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In todays society 'addictions' seem to cause the most problems. Its the over usage of one substance that is bad. Americans do this too often, they abuse the privilege to use things. Some people clean too much, or dive too much, those aren't always negative addictions but drinking too much and smoking too much is what is hurting this country. Unfortunately the substances that are abused are highly addictive and can kill you over time. Not to mention, are extremely expensive. Cigarettes never should have been invented because they are the biggest cause of death.
Ever catch yourself spending money on useless things everyday? Once you catch yourself, do you add up all the money you could have saved? Well once americans count up how much money they waste on cigarettes in a month they realize they could have afforded a mortgage payment of six hundred dollars. Cigarettes have made over forty seven million people in America in danger for lung cancer and throwing money right out the window. The money wasted on cigarettes could have been spent somewhere more useful to help this failing society. If people don't fix up there spendings, and focus on more important purchases this country is in for a big surprise. On a positive note cigarette companies did give jobs to thousands of Americans which boosted the economy. Another benefit from selling cigarettes is that the state gets tax money off them. Cigarettes seem to separate the higher class from the lower class. You don't see multi-millionaires on the side of the street smoking a cigarette, but you do see a single mom of five kids smoking a cigarette before entering the grocery store. Not trying to be stereotypical, but maybe stress is a major reason why people smoke. People with less money are more stressed then people with a lot of money so they waste there last dollar on getting something to relieve that stress.
Cigarettes have been around since1873, tobacco was invented way before that. Its true to say...

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