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Chris Mccandless V.S Smoke Game Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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25 March 2014
                                      Chris McCandless vs. The Smoking Game (Rough Draft)
      Chris McCandless managed to live a long time in the wilderness, even though he was not prepared. He traveled around the United States surviving with very little supplies, little money, and few necessary tools. I believe that McCandless’s death was from food deprivation, because he did not succeed at preserving meat. This was proof that McCandless was incapable of achieving this adventure.
     From McCandless’s notes and photos of the kill, we know that Chris tried to preserve as much of the meat as possible. However, the animal was so large that he had a difficult time with cutting out the parts he wanted, and he immediately found out that the raw meat was rotting quickly without being preserved. He remembered some advice from some hunters he had met during his travels in the lower forty-eight states, and he decided the best way to preserve the bulk of the unspoiled meat was to smoke it. In the end this procedure, and he has to abandon the meat had had worked hard to save.
     Smoking is a preservative because smoke contains chemical compounds that stop and slow the growth of harmful and dangerous bacteria. Other compounds in the smoke play a role in
protecting the fat from turning rancid, which is a major reason of why fatty meats are smoked. Smoking can be considered a type of culinary art, because there are various factors that add to the exact flavorings of meat. Only meat that has been fermented, salted, or cured should be cold-smoked, to prevent illness. Considering McCandless’s skill, knowledge, and information he received over his trip, he might have been trying to cold-smoke the meat, although hot-smoking it might have also been an option from the text reporting that he was using a hole in the...

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