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Choose Your Way Essay

  • Submitted by: kanup
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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We often hear here, there, everywhere that life’s a journey; one with unpredictable turns, with highs as well as lows. But where the irony lies is that the highs tend to descend your progress as time passes whereas the lows let you grow eventually. But not always it’s easy to come out of the pit circumstances throw you in.
The first option one should go for is to come out of the ‘undesired’ crap that entangles you and holds you back; that is; to show your best move and stand high and apart from the thoughts, gestures, maybe people or anything that diffuses despair in your mind.
The next one being the most prominent- to put your best foot forward to come out- and here is when you got to take THE decision- the way you want to go. Go following your heart but do carry your mind too.   Never let anybody else’s views and ideas overpower what you have made up our mind and soul with. It’s your life and it’s you who has to live it. Why leave any interstice to repent later on! And it’s not just that everything you decide is going to turn up well. But the fact lies that you and only you yourself should be held responsible with what you do. And of course; bagging will power, determination, logic and wisdom along with you on your decided way is something unavoidable.
Don’t forget to screw the worst of your past experiences. Something happened, you learned, all right, move on. Nothing can be a hurdle until you let one to be.
Distinguish yourself. Don’t even think of retiring from the world, until the world will be sorry that you retire.


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