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China 100Bce-600Bce Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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In every civilization there are different cultural and political structures, even though not all are continued.   When compared to other civilizations in the classical era, China‚Äôs culture and politic structures have many changes and continuities. Many of these come from the changes in rulers and the firm teachings of Confucianism.  
`Confucianism had been kept in the Chinese society throughout the classical era.   In the beginnings it created unity in the society.   It gave all people roles in life that they should follow in order to maintain unity.   They did this by using the Five Relationships which created these guidelines. China was patriarchal, and in this society, all Chinese women were expected to be completely obedient to their husbands. This remained the same throughout the classical era and it still remains the same in modern china today.
One of the biggest changes in the Chinese culture was Buddhism, which was introduced to China from India through the Silk Roads. Buddhism threatened the unity of China and it arrived after the collapse of the Han Dynasty.   The downfall of the Han Dynasty helped Daoism and Buddhism spread, but later the Tang Dynasty brought Confucianism back to popularity.   Despite all these changes during the classical period, it was Confucianism that helped unite China.
The silk roads helped connect the East to the West.   The may have changed over time but there purpose has always been the same. And that is to transport goods like pottery and spices to other societies. They also helped to pass new technologies and religions like Buddhism.  
The biggest change was the downfall of the Han Dynasty.   This Dynasty collapsed because they were out of money, so they raised taxes.   This caused numerous revolts and caused the beginning of the Era of Division.   This is 350 years of China without a common ruler.   But China always bounces back and starts again.
The classical era for China has been a time of change and continuities.   Many...

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