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Chilean Copper Mine Collapse Essay

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The Chilean Copper Mine Collapse
Kimberly Gallina
February 21, 2011
William Powers

In San Jose, Chile on August 5, 2010, a horrible and unfortunate accident occurred in one of the copper mines there. A cave-in in the mine left 33 workers trapped inside about 2300 feet below the earth surface. Rescue teams and other people helped in assisting the other workers in locating and saving the trapped miners (Weik, 2010). For seventeen days there was no kind of communication with the trapped miners, therefore, there was no way of knowing if the 33 workers had enough food, water, or oxygen in the 300 meter depth they were trapped in. On October 12, 2010, over two months since the collapse occurred, a successful rescue of all 33 miners (BARRIONUEVO, 2010).
When something bad such as the copper mine collapse, companies are required to immediately inform the closest relative if not all of them of what has happened and what is being done about the situation. You first need to realize that there are many cultures you will be dealing with, so how and what is said is very important. The families which came from 33 different countries and five continents wait in Chile for the rescue of their loved ones (BARRIONUEVO, 2010).   Keeping in mind that these peoples family are concerned each minute of what could come about and hoping for the safety of their loved ones. Families may take the news very hard and start to blame the company for the tragic thing that left one their family members begging for their life. A good way to get a message across like this one is to notify the closest relative or even a face to face channel would be the best way to get information to the receiver.
A very horrible and devastating tragic time for both the workers, helpers and families of the people that were trapped. It was very hard for the company to tell the families about what had happened, but keeping them informed and reassuring them that their doing everything in their power to...

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