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Child Labor Essay

  • Submitted by: elinorw421
  • on April 15, 2015
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Child Labor and the Cycle of Poverty

Issue: Children are deprived of their childhood and put through dangerous conditions in order to support their family
Practiced since before Industrial Revolution, though children were formally hired during this time
used because they could fit in small spaces; could be payed less; were easy to manage; unions couldn’t organize them
primary school had minimal requirements
In America immigrants provided many child labourers
18% of children were employed
Modern Day: 200 years after we learned it was bad and we are still at it
still practiced in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Latin America, Turkey (with cranberry sauce)(yum), and the Ukraine
cotton industry still heavily relies on the child work force
children in the cotton fields are exposed to what is termed hazardous child labour, which means that they could be killed, injured or made ill as a result of their work
cotton plants are regularly sprayed with chemicals called pesticides and herbicides to control weeds and pests. These chemicals have a terrible effect on workers who have to spray the fields
start as young as 5
work with machines in cramped and dirty conditions
impacts education (if any)
for this to be successful the need/ desire for child labor needed to be reduced
New machinery required skilled adults
in urban areas illegal immigrants are targeted to work for low wages, to compete with lower waged nations
minors today work unreasonable hours, affects productivity with education
Paths to change
strong Labour unions
immediate elimination of dangerous labour
i.e. hampers physical, emotional, or moral development
Free education for all Children
regular attendance to at least primary and most of secondary school
minimal standards across the board
e.g. products with the label “Fair Trade Certified” were manufactured under conditions with basic labour standards
required monitoring of factories or place of work...

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