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Child Development Project Essay

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  • on April 17, 2015
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Joanne Brown
Childhood Development Project

While the cost of living has caused the need for both parents to work, the need for childcare has risen. With a growing number of women preferences’ to remain in the workforce after starting a household, this has led to a dramatic change.   Childcare is required more than ever and this is why it is vital for professionals in this field to have an understanding of childhood development. The most important influences in childhood development are maternal love and care. There is significant attachment to the person who takes care of the child at home and in the care setting.
Below is a table of the developing child.
0-6 months | 1 year | 2 years | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |
Lifts leg;grasps foot.Lifts head.Rolls over frontto back.Eyes movein unison.Turns to carer’svoice.Vocalises, laughs.Puts everythingto mouth. | Sits and crawls.May stand alone.Picks up smallobjects.Uses both hands.Knows and turnsto own name.Babbles.Drinks from cup.Stranger anxiety -likes to be withinsight and hearingof familiar adult/caregiver. | Runs and climbson furniture.Can walkbackwards.Walks downstairs.Builds tower ofsix bricks.Uses 50 words.Uses own name– not ‘I’.Dry during day.Demandsattention.Cannot share | Walks up stairs.Turns whilerunning andpulling toys.Walks on tip toe.Draws personwith head.Cuts withscissors.Knows full nameand uses ‘I’.Asks what, whereand who questions.Uses fork andspoon.Dry at night.Can share. | Turns sharpcorners, running,pushing andpulling.Hops and climbs.Draws personwith head, trunk,legs and oftenarms.Speechintelligible –1500 words.Gives nameand address.Appreciates past,present and future.Helps withdressing. | Skips, dancesand hops.Copies squareand triangle.Writes a fewletters.Draws a house.Counts fingerson one hand.Gives name,age, addressand birthday.Dresses/undresses alone. | Very activephysically.Developingconcentration.Wants to takeon more thancan manage.Often regressesto an earlierstage underpressure.Responds...

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