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Chickens Range Free Essay

  • Submitted by: englishwriter97
  • on April 1, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Chickens Range Free" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Following an incident in Melbourne in which hundreds of chickens were illegally released from cages on a truck, publicity officer for Australians for Animal Rights, Jo Smith responded in her article “Chickens Range Free”. Her 2009 opinion piece conveyed to an audience of Australians how monumental animal rights are and her support towards the activists in taking action against animal cruelty.   In a clear and informative voice, Jo Smith illustrates the extent to which animals are mistreated and her strong stance towards action being taken.

The beginning commences with Jo Smith using a play on words in her title “Chicken’s Range Free” that allows her audience to grasp her opinion in relation to animal cruelty. The precise title is used in an attempt to foreshadow the main ideas that will arise within her article to ensure her stance is reflected right from the beginning. By doing this, it sets out the structured platform for which the entirety of her article is based upon as it encompasses an array of opinions. With the informative opening of her relation to the action taken by the activists, Smith is pinpointing the main ideal for which she thought necessary to respond. The use her membership with the AAR and of “I understand” allows her readers to consider her side of the story from a professional position. She goes on to give a reason for the necessary freedom of the chickens in an attempt to position her audience to comprehend the urgency of the situation.   As Smith introduces further opinions by beginning with “I think”, her readers have a deeper insight into the mind of a passionate spokesperson against animal injustice. This enables them to broaden their prior views and picture the scenario from a different angle. The message displayed to her audience with the use of ‘noble’ to describe the risk the activists proposes that the event was honourable due to the positive connotations the word ‘noble’ takes on. By doing this, Smith is highlighting the ‘good’...

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