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Chet Anderson Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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Chet Anderson

Chet Anderson Leader of outlaw gang, rough and rugged.   Age 35.   Falls for Laura Baker.
Laura Newberry Average day debutant, lonely.   Age 28.   Sam Newberrys wife.
Cash Childers In outlaw gang, wants to be the leader, naive and wet behind the ears.   Age 20.       Second in command in the gang behind Chet.
Samuel Newberry Corrupt sheriff, abusive to his wife.   Age 32.   Laura’s husband.
Brock Crowley Sheriff’s deputy, typical you say jump and he’ll say how high kind of guy.   Age 25.
Garth Gang member.   Age unknown.
George Gang member.   Age unknown.
Waylon Gang member.   Age unknown.
Mr. Thomas Bank teller, Kind and simple.   Age 70.
The Doctor Age 40.

The setting starts out on the open range.   The Anderson Gang rides is on their way to the town of Foley, OK; known for it’s bank. A bank that holds large sums of money due to the vast majority of settlers who moved there on account of the Oklahoma Land Rush.   The setting is now in the bank as the gang enters.   The setting will remain here for majority of the pay.

Spring of 1889, beautiful weather, nice sunsets.

Scene 1

Setting:   The Anderson Gang approaches Foley in hopes of having the largest pay day of their lives.

At Rise: On horseback the gang is discussing the plan.  

This is a story about a man named Chet Anderson, Leader of the Anderson Gang.   Once the most feared man in the west, now wants something more in life.   He realized that maybe it is high time that he settles down.   He was to do that only after he and his gang receive the largest payoff of their lives.   Foley, Oklahoma is known for the bank with the largest sum of money west of the Mississippi, “The Bank of the West.”

All we’re going to do is get in and get out.   We’re gonna treat it as this is just like any other bank that we’ve been to.   Now remember, we get the money and meet Mr. Berry over by the ridge at sundown....

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