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Chemistry Essay

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VCE Chemistry Study Design – Units 1 and 2

Sample Assessment Tasks



This support material has been developed to assist teachers in the implementation of Units 1 and 2 of the VCE Chemistry Study Design accredited for the period 2007–2014. It is to be used in conjunction with the study design. The material provides examples of the extended experimental investigation, the response to stimulus material in written, oral, visual, or multimedia format and the summary report including annotations of three practical activities.

The following examples have been prepared by teachers of VCE Chemistry. The examples are illustrative and offer one approach to assessment tasks for VCE Chemistry Units 1 and 2. Teachers should set assessment tasks that are best suited to the topics they are teaching and the available resources.

When preparing assessment tasks for Units 1 and 2 teachers should refer to the following sections in the VCE Chemistry Study Design: ‘Rationale’ page 7; ‘Aims’ page 8; ‘Key skills’ page 12; ‘Units 1 and 2’ pages 13–15; and ‘Advice for teachers’ pages 32–45.

February 2007

Unit 1: The big ideas of chemistry

Assessment task: An extended experimental investigation

The focus of this task is on the processes of science investigation: planning, designing, conducting, adjusting/amending and commenting on results and future recommendations/directions.

For details of the assessment task refer to page 15 of the VCE Chemistry Study Design.

Topic: What’s special (different) about transition metals?

With teacher assistance and through class discussions, students (working in small groups) decide which transition metal/s they will investigate and what properties they will test. This may include an Internet search or other research. It will include a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the metal and compounds of the metal used. Students plan how they spend the...

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