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Chcm Memo Analysis

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A memo advising against a $100,000 annual investment in employee development was circulated from a Senior Management employee, Mr. Anil Ravaswami, the Vice President of Human Resources, to Ms. Cynthia Castle, the Chief Executive Officer of Cliffside Holding Company of Massapequa, referred to as “CHCM” (A. Ravaswami, personal communication, October 10th, 2012). In order to evaluate whether or not Ms. Castle would be well-advised to follow Mr. Ravaswami’s advice, a series of 11 questions, as denoted by the boldface heading to each section below, originally posed by the Scholars M. Neil Brown and Stuart Keeley in their 2012 book “Asking the Right Questions” may be applied to Mr. Ravaswami’s argument. Doing so is a worthwhile exercise because it will lead to the aforementioned determination of whether or not Ms. Castle should heed the suggestion of Mr. Ravaswami based on the argument set forth in his memo alone; and it will serve to give her more insight to quality of Mr. Ravaswami’s reasoning process, which may have an effect upon his value as the V.P. of H.R.. Surely, as the C.E.O. of her corporation, the value of any member of Ms. Castle’s Senior Executive Team is of importance to her.
What is the Issue and Conclusion?
At issue in Mr. Ravaswami’s memo is whether or not CHCM should adopt a proposal to send 20 Junior-Level executives to an off-site, three-week management training program, annually. This proposal was presented by another member of Senior Management, Mr. Forsythe, at a meeting on August 1, 2012. Mr. Ravaswami begins his memo by stating that he will be evaluating whether or not it is worthwhile to establish and fund a leadership development program, which initially leads the reader to believe that the topic of the paper maybe just be the general idea of adopting some yet-undetermined leadership development program, but then he reveals that the leadership development program proposed by Mr. Forsythe, specifically, is the only issue-at-hand...

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