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Charming Man Essay

  • Submitted by: OliviaFeleks1
  • on August 22, 2015
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The charming man
Grateful for the rest, I sank with a shuddering sigh onto the familiar, splintery bench, fingering the well-known fragments of its rust-coloured peeling paint. I’ve got to think! What am I to do next? I’m sat down next to a young man and a old man. The old man has some weird magic trick that he must be practicing, whilst the young man is just reading a book. It’s hard on the streets, I see things no 18 year old should see. Even then no 18 year old should be living on the streets, but here I am sitting on an old bench next to two mysterious and interesting men.
I need to look for a place to stay, I start calling people in my contact list, asking if I can stay at their home for the night even in the garage. All I’m getting is “sorry I’d love to help but my house is full”.
Suddenly I hear “looking for a place to stay? Hi I’m Jason” says the mysterious man. I was so tempted, he looked successful and he was good looking.
“You really shouldn’t ears drop and anyways I don’t have money”, I exclaimed.
“I don’t want your money I’ll have you know I’m a very successful lawyer”, says Jason.
“What’s in it for you then?” I asked feeling nervous.
“Let’s just say I’m a lonely man.” Jason stated.
A long black, shiny expensive limo turned and parked next to the park. Jason got up and said “C’mon it’s dangerous out here”. How could I refuse? It’s not like anyone cares about me anyway. As I got off the bench the old man gave me a look like I shouldn’t go, like a warning but who was he to try to tell me what to do?
We got into the limousine and Jason poured me a glass of red wine, obviously I thanked him.
“It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these! Thank you.” I said.
“My pleasure.” Said Jason.
The limousine had been making many sharp turns then we drove into a long drive way of a mansion. It was beautiful, looked ancient! It had a gorgeous garden, looked as if it was constantly trimmed. There was even a fountain with I guess him riding a horse....

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