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Charlie Zoned Out in Space Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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Charlie and his little sister Kelly were told by their mother last night that she had a surprise for them in the morning if they were on their best behavior for their baby sitter that evening.   As usual they were no trouble at all so they were off to their surprise the next morning – a trip to the Kennedy Space Center.   Charlie was so excited because he loves space!

As soon as they arrive, Charlie and his mother go into the visitor’s center to buy their tickets.
Charlie asks his mom, “Are we going in now?”
His mom answers, “Yes and we will get to see the stars and all the other planets in our galaxy, the Milky Way.” Charlie smiles and just looks around in wonder.

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Picture of Charlie and Kelly looking at posters and everything they can get their hands on.

Charlie, once inside, starts running around everywhere and is looking and touching everything he can get his hands on.   He is soon out of his mother’s eye sight and Kelly isn’t far behind trying to keep up with her older brother.   With Charlie’s wild imagination he sees himself inside the space suit that was on display. He can just see himself jumping around on the moon just like Neil Armstrong.

Charlie’s mom notices that she can no longer see Charlie or Kelly and frantically calls out to her children. “Charlie! ……. Kelly! …… Charlie! Don’t run off like that! Mommy has to know where you are at all times.”  
Charlie and Kelly head back to their mom.   Charlie, still preoccupied with his imagination going crazy, reluctantly holds hands with his mother with Kelly on the other side of her.

Charlie and his family begin the tour to learn about all the exhibits the Kennedy Space Center has to offer. The tour guide began by explaining, “The sun is the closest star to our solar system.   Also there is no air in space, so that is why we have to wear space suits when visiting the moon or other planets.”...

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