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Character Summary

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  • on April 16, 2015
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My name is Jennifer McGuinty and I am an 18 year old female moderate, landless laborer. I am married to a wonderful husband who I have met as I grew up in Ireland. Although I am young women, we were wealthy enough to profess our love and receive the Sacrament of marriage. We are both raising two children, who are struggling with the change our family is going through. We have one daughter who normally helps me work inside the house doing chores. In addition, we have one son who normally helps my husband work outside the house, such as working manual labor by taking care of the farmland.
Originally, I am from Ireland where my family was well-off. We were quite wealthy in Ireland since my family owned a potato farm. This meant that I did not have to normally work on the farms since work was done by hired workers and my parents had enough money to support me. Owning a potato farm was common in Ireland since there was a vast growth in growing plentiful potatoes. Ireland was known for their delicious potatoes.
My husband overheard that the British were expanding in America. Due to the fact I was loyal to the monarchy, my family decided to move. Although he liked the British monarchy, he also liked the idea of independence. We did not trust and feel safe to where we lived anymore. I followed my husband’s wishes, not thinking it was a bad idea. I was open to this idea because I felt like I did not have a choice to speak up and change my husband’s decision, and because I somewhat liked the idea of independence as well. I had a hope that moving to America would bring my family new and better opportunities.
Therefore, my family and I decided to settle in New York. Soon after we got to settle in America, we found out that we were scammed. We thought moving to America would be a great decision but it turns out, America has not been a good place for my family and I. Here, I am poor and my husband continuously forces me to work. I am not used to this lifestyle because I was...

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