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Character Essay "Lives of Girls"

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  • on April 3, 2014
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The excerpt from “Lives of Girls and Women” tells the story of a young girl who goes through many different emotional experiences on a visit with her close friend and his family. The character that interact with the protagonist evolve as story progresses. The narrator of the story is first portrayed as a curious outsider as she interacts with her friend’d family. She is later accepted by the family and begins to feel closer to them. Garnet is a young man who holds back his emotions to the narrator, and eventually opens up. He reveals to the protagonist that he has feelings for her and that she is the girl that he has always been looking for. Garnet’s sister are unsure about the narrator upon first sight. However, after they invite her down to the creek, Lila and Phyllis open up and make the narrator feel welcome.

The narrator of the story is visitng her family friends in the rural countryside of Nova Scotia. Upon arrival, she is uncomfortable.
Garnet is a young man who is perceived as a laidback character. As the story progresses, Garnet begins to spend more time with the narrator, and eventually opens up to her. Inside, Garnet has feelings towards the narrator, and he carves her name into the wood with a “border of stars around it / and a line underneath.” (Paragraph 19) By carving the stars and a line underneath, Garnet explains how he has “met the one”; he
Garnet’s sisters originally view her as someone who is a stranger. They see the girl as on outsider who they initially take no interest to, but eventually take the time in getting to know her. One of the girls said “Would she like to see the Creek?” (Paragraph 8). After allowing the narrator to tag along, the girls eventually develop a liking for the visitor. Their acceptance towards the narrator becomes fully evidenct during the tickling match against Garnet: the girls take the narrators side.The sisters reveal their acceptance of their brother’s friend and develop dynamically through their actions;...

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