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Channeling Students Into Special Services Essay

  • Submitted by: seascapemn
  • on April 18, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Channeling Students Into Special Services" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

There are a significant number of students that are enrolled in special education classes due to various needs or disabilities.   The teacher-student relationship must be strong so that the teacher can advocate on their student’s behalf.   It is the teacher that begins the steps taken in order for their student to start special education classes.
  One of the first steps is for the teacher to write a letter to the student’s school counselor letting them know of the specific strengths and weaknesses the student shows in the classroom.   The teacher would also give the counselor the reasons they feel their student would benefit from being in special education classes.   Once the counselor reviews the letter it is given to the school’s principal to review, after this it moves on to the administrators of the school district for a detailed review.   The administrators carefully review the information given by the teacher so that they can determine if the student does indeed belong in special education classes.   The parents of the student are also able to review the letter written by the teacher.   Once the letter has been reviewed by everyone an evaluation of the student may be deemed necessary by the school administrators.   This evaluation would be done by a specialist that will screen the student using different tests at a specific time and place.   The parents informed of all information along the way.   The school records of the student may also be reviewed during the testing phase so that the specialist will be able to better assess the academic performance of the student along with any behavioral difficulties the student may be exhibiting in the classroom amongst peers.   The specialist will also look at what actions were taken as an early intervention to see if they were a success or if modifications need to be made to further help the student.   If they specialist feels it is necessary, further testing may be done with the student to see if special education classes are...

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