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Cellphone Usage During School Have Exceeded Essay

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Cellphone usage during school have exceeded during the years due to the in bearable case that we can't use it for seven hours. Many schools are now allowing students to use cell phones during the school day. Without using the usage of the cellphone in class , about as many students do use it secretly without the teacher knowing. I completely agree with the schools who are letting the students decide weather they would want to use their phones while learning in class or not. They should use cellphones because it teaches them responsibility, emergency cases that can't be handled in the office , and also assemble their ability to use it for work and other professional routine for the future.
  First of all, cellphones would teach them responsibility during the school hours. By responsibility I mean it would make them think more. Students have a mindset that they would know when whether or not they should use the phone or not during the lesson. Students can have more access for educational purposes like researching something they do not get or downloading an app so they can study more while they have free time. If teachers have such a big deal that they might be thinking we are cheating , take our phones away during a test or tell us to put it on airplane mode so we won't receive messages or any notification what so ever.  
  Secondly, Emergency cases can be resolved by the touch of your finger. In our school they tell us to go to the office but, imagine if it was personal? Every teachers complains about wasting their time and the classes to ask them if they can call the office to go and make a big scene for a material you need or forgotten about. The cellphone can help by texting one of your parents and not causing such a distraction to the class while they are learning. Also, In a lockdown if it becomes very serious we would have to call for help to save ourselves and everyone who is in the classroom.
    Last but not least, It will assemble their ability to use...

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