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Causes of the American Revolution Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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Causes of the American Revolution
During the time of the settlement of the Thirteen Colonies in around early 17th century, the new rising country was able to prosper with all the new resources they gathered. However, the country itself was not entirely free, as the country still worked under the Crown of Great Britain. Great Britain still treated the folkman as if what they were back at England. However, the “Americans” wanted more freedom, or to be treated in a better way. This need for liberty sparked the desire to repel the British influence away from the colonies and start of with a clean slate, running the whole country by its own country, thus leading to the American Revolution in 1775. The French Indian War along with the Boston Tea Party were two major events that sparked the initiative of the revolution, but also the independent American mindset and the continuous establishment of acts caused frustration upon the colonists as well.’
Both the French & Indian War and the Boston Tea Party were two major events that caused the influence of revolutionizing against the British. During the French and Indian War, the British allied with some natives of the American land to go against the French and their native allies. The ending resulted in the defeat of the French and victorious British expulsing them out, and taxing the Americans, who barely took part in the war, to cover for monetary losses. This sparked the suspicion of the Americans on the way the British have treated them at this event. Later on, when the British have continuously treated the Americans so harshly, the Americans decided to act upon this atrocious behavior. A group of Bostonians in Massachusetts named the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Indians and dumped all the boxed tea into the ocean to protest against the taxing of tea. The British responded with harshness to the Americans, such as that as well with the French and Indian War, by establishing the Intolerable Acts, causing more...

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