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Causes Of Flooding In Jamaica Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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Causes of flooding in Jamaica

Flooding is a factor which has affected the Caribbean and Jamaica for as long as people can remember.   This is so because the Caribbean is situated in the tropics which bring continual unpredictable climatic changes which cause hurricanes, tropical depressions, and cold fronts to develop. These climatic changes bring along with them a lot of rain which is the main contributor to flooding. Just last year in Jamaica there was a tropical depression which caused severe flooding in many areas. This heavy rain resulted in seven persons losing their lives and the loss of crops and animals were also added to the list. There are many factors which contribute to this problem, they include: improper disposal of garbage & waste, deforestation of forest & the changing of the river course, poor drainage, improper land use and natural disasters & effects.
Improper disposal of garbage and waste has been a burning issue in Jamaica from the last quarter of a century. Many institutions have been put in place to stem the problem but it was to no avail. The ghettos and inner city communities which are in close vicinity to rivers or gullies are always guilty of this crime. The practice is dangerous because it seems to do no harm at first but over time the built up garbage clogs the drains and blocks the course of the rivers. The disposal of garbage into the drains and rivers block the water from flowing freely on its course, especially when the waste is concentrated in one area it increases the risk of flooding. When the heavy rains fall and the large volume of water starts travelling through the drains or river courses, it is deterred by the garbage so it overflows its banks dispersing water and waste into nearby areas.
Deforestation of forests and the changing of the river courses have caused severe flooding in Jamaica in recent times. In October 2010, a section of the Catherine Hall Community, St. James was flooded because it was built in a dumped-...

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