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Causes and Effects of World War Ii Essay

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  • on April 17, 2015
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Causes and Effects of World War II

Causes and Effects of World War II
Two major events signifying global conflicts are the popular World War I and II that comprised of inhuman atrocities and destructions worldwide.   World War I started out as a tug-of-war among the European states which all wanted to be the predominant superpower in Europe, especially Germany (Duignan & Gann, 1995). However Germany lost the battle and was imposed on the Treaty of Versailles which demanded her to disarm her army as well as pay the bill of reparations and damages caused. Germany was unhappy with this and decided to continue with the war to take power from the Great Britain who was the then superpower, leading to World War II (WWII).
Another cause of WWII was the Great Depression in the 1930s. In October 1929, the world trade and economy suffered a drastic downfall, as it was published on the U.S Wall Street Journal, leading to bankruptcy, huge retrenchment and unemployment, large debts as well as serious political crises (Ross, 2003).   To nurse their own economic, financial and political interests, Britain and the U.S started trading only among themselves and this created an overheated enmity and hatred between them and other states worldwide, especially Germany causing conflicts and fighting in the WWII (The editors of the Legacy Publishers, 2007).
WWII was increasingly widespread than WWI which was generally restricted to European countries (Ross, 2003). The WWII, which ran from 1939 to 1945, involved more countries outside Europe such as China, the U.S and Japan among others. One of the effects of the war the realization of the United Nations (Ross, 2003) which was formed to stop the inhuman atrocities all over the world and advocate for human rights in all nations, regardless of whether a state was a signatory of the UN or not.
Another effect of the war was the bushfire spread of technological advancements that shaped the world in its knowledge...

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