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Cause of Divorce Essay

  • Submitted by: ntambwe
  • on April 17, 2015
  • Category: English
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Jennyfer Tshilanda
Professor Fox Tom
Writing level #3
April 8th 2015

                                              Cause of Divorce
            What God has put together let no men separate them. Marriage is an institution whereby men and women are joined together in a legal ways in purpose of founding or maintaining a family. It is also a close an intimate or union. Nowadays marriages don’t last which lead to divorce. There are two causes of divorce, which are: the lack foundation and lack of communication.
              Marriages tend to end to divorce due to couples differences that’s why it’s very crucial to have a partner in marriage that you can share the same ideas, expectations, belief , have some level of education or base. In marriage it’s very important to have the same interest and passions that’s part of marital relationship otherwise the couple won’t be stable or match r
              Another cause of divorce is the lack of communication. Most marriages don’t have time to communication. When partner in a couple start giving priorities to other things than his or her other partner or being busy without explaining or telling his or her other partner what is going on; that is when the most marriages start having issues because another partner will start having imagination, and start accepting whatever outside people will bring to her or him as information true or not. For example: A husband had lunch with his co- worker and the co- worker was a woman instead of the husband telling his wife what was his day at work, but he didn’t, so somebody else told his wife. As result the wife divorced her husband accusing him a cheater.
              In conclusion, because of lack of having the same vision, objective, purpose and despising time to talk many marriages tend to end to divorce without reach their target. In order to have a strong marriage it’s very important to apply or to consider all these to avoid divorce.

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