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Cause and Effect Essay

  • Submitted by: SarahMC28
  • on April 1, 2014
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Sarah Chevier
Eng Comp 1
Causes and Effects of Divorce Fall 2013

Every year, an estimated 1 million divorces occur in the United States. Due to infidelities and

financial strains, divorce seems to be a common issue in today's society.

Many relationships that end in divorce are caused by financial problems and infidelities. The

inability to communicate with a spouse about monetary issues can be devastating in a marriage.

Differences in money management styles can ruin a marriage. Having a spouse with an unstable income

can cause strain on a marriage. Naturally, many marriages end in divorce due to a partner having more

control over finances than the other. Infidelity, in a marriage, can be devastating and can lead to

divorce. Marital dissatisfaction is the number one reason most couples cheat. Many factors such as

religious values, level of education, and opportunities to meet potential partners affect the likelihood of

being involved in an affair. In the same way, infidelity brings a lot of emotional pain, which may lead to

divorce. Despite the many factors that can cause divorce, the most common risks are infidelity and

financial strains.

Major effects that come from divorcing include emotional stress or anxiety and negative effects

on children. A divorce is one of the most stressful situations any person can experience in life. In order

to deal with divorce related stress, you have to be an emotionally strong person. Surrounding yourself

with positive people can boost your confidence levels. Staying focused on accomplishments and trying

to have fun is another way to reduce stress and anxiety caused from divorcing. When couples who have

children divorce, it introduces a massive change and negative effects in children's lives. Also, the

deterioration in parent-child relationships after divorce is a leading cause in psychological

problems for children.   Lowered...

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