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Cat Bird Seat Essay

  • Submitted by: ADRIETTE79
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: English
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The Catbird Seat
Mr. Erwin Martin has been the head of the filing department for 22 years at F&S Company. He seems to be a typical clerk , miidle age, quite,vey organized man who doesnt drink or smoke. He is a man of routine that does the same thing at the office everyday, goes home the sameway, and has a glass of milk everyday at 5:30. This lady by the name of Mrs.Ulgine Barrows comes on board at F&S as a special advisor to the president. Mr. Martin feels threatned by this loud, obnoxious, controlling woman. Mrs. Barrows wants to come in and take over the company and she starts to make big changes."She had begun chipping at the cornices of the firm's edifice and now she was swinging at the foundation stones with a pickaxe." The changes she starts to make the employees arent happy, she fired some employees and others quit. Mr. Martin realizes that the effieciency of his beloved company and his very job are threatned. So Mr.Martin plan to save what is most dear to him by carrying out what he feels justified execution of Mrs. Barrows." His plan is to rub her out". Mr. Martin finally decides she must be killed when she targets the filing department for change."Do you really need all these filing cabinets. The filing department was Mr. Martin's reason for being, so he would never think of resigning like some of the others and by him quitting would not stop her in any way.   Mr. Martin turned the tables on her when he went to her house

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