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Case5 Essay

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1. Howard Schultz’s vison for Starbucks was for it to become national company with emphasis on strong values and guiding principles that it’s employees would be proud of and that the employees could feel like their thoughts and decisions mattered. The vision from 2010 never changed fully but was an expansion of the 1980 vision. It amended the business needs and changes that took place to include more innovative and cost effective practices. Starbucks wanted to expand their market segments, complete their procurements while at the same time arrive in more international markets. Shultz’s idea in permitting employees to be a vital part of the company will continue to grow as new strategies will be put in place where applicable to withstand the business for times to come. Also Starbucks wanted the customers experience to be differentiated from Starbuck competitors.
  2. As in any business, if they are not willing to grow with their customers, then they will eventually fail. Starbuck clearly understands this concept and their strategic vision has evolved with their customer’s overtime.
  3. Starbucks employed the focused differentiation strategy with an emphasis on product differentiation in order to appeal to a variety of customers within and ever expanding company base of competitors market.
  4. By Starbuck’s using the foresight of Schultz’s vision, Starbucks focus was on expansion. Starbucks employed knowledgeable leaders who saw the need of building larger production facilities to help Starbucks with handling the fast growth. Starbucks’ key policies were to have high quality customer services, individualized store location ambiance and their commitment to offering the highest quality products. Starbucks partnered with their employees by offering benefits to include stock options to all their employees both full and part time, as well as each employee was thoroughly trained through and intensive specialized range of employee training program like an...

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