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Case Study On Meiosis

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Individuals have different views on what is right or wrong. However, many feel that taking a life, even that of an embryo is simply wrong. On the other hand, some will argue that the end justifies the means, placing more importance on the life which already exists versus the unborn. The controversy lies in whose life is more important.

Part of the debate is at what point the cells become a human and not just human cells. Embryos are harvested 5 to 7 days after conception, which consists only of a mass of cells. These cells have not yet formed into organs nor has their personal identity been formed. This stage of cell development is referred to as the blastocyst. Some people, however, would counter this argument by stating that embryos, within 9 months or less, will grow into a human having emotions, thoughts and feelings.

The fate of unused embryos is equally a subject of disputation and contradictory opinions. Many people advocate that couples aspiring to create life should have a say in the future of the unused embryos, and that includes granting the permission to make use of them towards stem cell research and harvesting rather then have their “baby” frozen and later defrosted, resulting in death. Just the same, people support the idea that despite this fact, it does not justify the act of killing them untimely. Everyone is entitled to the natural course of death, but in the United States, it is illegal to assist a person in suicide nonetheless.

When it comes down to it, the controversy is mainly about the existence of alternatives. Some will argue that cord blood and adult stem cells are older, and therefore grow more slowly than do embryonic cells, don’t have unlimited potential to differentiate whereas embryonic cells do and most of them have already been assigned to a specific tissue of the body. These facts are also a justification for many complications that could occur with the use of adult stem cells for medical treatment purposes. A patient’s...

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