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Case Study for Culture

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CASE STUDY (Only Culture Analysis included in this draft)

Team Blue:

Executive Summary

Identification of the Major Issues

Culture issue

Printzhof’s culture has a primary concern with human relations. As Eric Nygen built Printzhof, he emphasized the importance of treating employees, customers and suppliers with decency and respect. The culture of “Printzhof Press family” with high cohesion, morale and low turnover held the employees together by loyalty and commitment, and made a significant contribution to Printzhof’s growth and being positioned as a top academic publisher by the 1940s.

In recent years, the digital and technology revolution was transforming the higher education publishing market.   Printzhof was behind the three powerhouse player, Pearson, Cengage and McGraw-Hill, which consolidated in the industry, and facing some cash rich companies with high-tech expertise consider entering the market. Printzhof would have to make a major transition to begin competing on the digital higher education publishing market, so that it would reposition itself as a major academic publisher, as it had been for nearly   one hundred years. Would the existing culture support the business transformation, and help Printzhof to succeed again?

Causes of Culture Issue


Printzhof had been slow to respond to the changes in the market made by digital revolution. EEH believed Printzhof needed to change in product line, human resource management and performance improvement, and to change quickly. However, Printzhof’s managers did not take the dramatic changes of market and strategy seriously. Davidson, Raines and Matson believed “since nothing’s broken; there’s no need to fix anything”. Nygren, the previous owner and stakeholder of Printzhof Press, felt operational issues were best left to employees. He believed his employees didn’t need him to tell them how to do their jobs. Like Nygren, Kross, the current CEO, trusted his employees too much and was...

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