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Case Management Essay

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  • on April 17, 2015
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Nursing Management of a Patient with a Urinary tract infection

Nursing Management of Patient with Urinary Tract Infection
D.J., is a 40 year old African American male. He arrived in the hospital October 23, 2014 with a primary medical diagnosis of a urinary tract infection related to improper catherization from his homecare provider. He explained that she had been his homecare provider for about 3 months now and she was having trouble inserting the catheter. He described the procedure being done as painful and thought it was being done incorrectly. When she finally got it inserted, she gathered her things and left D.J home. Soon after D.J noticed an abnormal amount of blood coming from the penile area which sent him to the hospital. He has a history of having spinal cord injury (paraplegic) and pneumonia (1999). He also has no known allergies and is a full code.   Upon assessment D.J vitals were as follows: T: 98.5 F P: 77 R: 20 BP: 127/83 & Sp02 96% on RA.
Current home medications that D.J were taking goes as follows: Gabapentin 300mg/PO BID; used for nerve pain, Baclofen 40mg/PO TID; used to reduce pain related to his muscle spasms, and Acetaminophen 1 tab/PO BID PRN; used for any pain that the patient was experiencing . During his hospital stay D.J had an IV L forearm infusing 0.45 Sodium Chloride at 75 ml/hr, Ciprofloxacin 200ml infusing @ 134 ml/hr Q12HR; used to treat the urinary tract infection, Gabapentin 300mg/ PO BID; used to treat the pain that he has related to his muscle spasms, Docusate Sodium 100 mg/PO DAILY; given a prophylaxis in the hospital for constipation , Pantoprazole 40 mg/PO DAILY; given a prophylaxis in the hospital; to delay GERD, Atropine Sulfate 0.5mg/IV ONCE STA; given as a direct relaxant of smooth muscle, Baclofen 40 mg/ PO; used to reduce pain that the pain related to his muscle spasms, and Acetaminophen 1 tab/PO TID PRN; used for any pain that the patient was experiencing .
In addition to his hospital stay,...

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