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Capital Punishment Essay

  • Submitted by: Haggis20
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Are there convincing arguments for the use of Capital Punishment?

I hadn’t moved in what seemed like hours. Endlessly staring through the 2 inch thick glass in front of me awaiting what almost seemed like the end of me, let alone my husband, Chris. Hearing a click, I turned to see him being walked through the corrugated metal door, his eyes refusing to look at anything other than the ground. The orderlies grabbed him by his arms and laid him roughly onto the morgue like table in the centre of the room, attaching countless numbers of cords and wires to his body. He wasn’t making a sound nor crying, which brought me a little comfort, realising he was at peace with his fate. He declined to make any final comment, with the orderly giving him only seconds before puncturing his skin with the needle. I let out a gasp, knowing this would be the final time I would see my husband alive, and tried with all my might to will him to look at me one last time. Watching the life fade from the person you love the most is the hardest thing in the world. What makes it harder however, is when you believe that person is innocent.
In the minutes it took my husband to die on the table in front of my eyes, it felt like hours in my mind. All I could think about was how could this happen? How on earth can the government be given the power to kill a human being? It’s one thing staking your pride on whether you’ve gotten something right, but staking someone’s life? That’s another matter. There is absolutely no possibility that a court can ever be 100% certain that they are making the correct decision. Surely my husband’s life is worth that 1% of doubt that may be lingering in the back of a Jury’s mind? Sure, they may have decided beyond ‘reasonable doubt’ that he was guilty, but when talking about a man’s life, how can even a hint of doubt be considered reasonable?
It was done. I had spent my last moments with my husband looking at him through a pane of glass, asking myself how something...

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