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Capital Punishment Essay

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Jessica Davila
Eng 848 AF
Professor Mach
September 13, 2011

    Capital Punishment in the United States

Capital Punishment is the death penalty given to someone when they have committed a hateful or demeaning crime towards someone. During the 1930’s, executions were higher than they have ever been but suddenly were decreased, or stopped, during the late 1960’s until the early 1980’s; nonetheless, in 2000 there were far more prisoners on death row than there were in executions. In class, we reviewed a total of four quantitative graphs that showed the executions in the United States, as well as the number of people on death row. Over the process of reviewing the graph, questions have arisen in my head. Why was there such a sudden stop to executions during the 1960’s until the 1980’s ? Why were there more prisoners on death row than there were in executions in the same year ? All in all, I believe that with reviewing the information about capital punishment in a quantitative way led me to have better understanding about the subject, as well as having me raise questions about the death row and execution data given.
The first graph we reviewed was about the executions from 1930 until 2007. The graph revealed that from 1930 to 1945, the numbers were highly staggered. In 1946, the numbers started to slowly decrease until the point where there were no executions taking pace by 1967. The question was raised as to why they had stopped for a nine year period. I came to believe that the main reason was because of the federal choices of the presidency. Once in the 1980s, the executions raised only to about twenty-five. They didn’t raise again until the late 1990’s. So why exactly did they increase again? Most likely from the corruption of the economy, as well as drugs.
The Prisoners on death row from 1954 to 2006 were quite opposite in graph two than in graph one. In 1954, there were only about one hundred prisoners on death row. In 1970, the numbers dropped...

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