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Can We Talk Essay

  • Submitted by: dontaydesire
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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I can relate very well with the article on self-disclosure in a relationship. When I meet people for the first time I tend to open up about myself and what I want them to know right off. I will disclose what type of person I am which is down to earth and will be upfront with you about anything. I will let a person know how I feel about a situation and that I will not sugar coat the issue that I am dealing with. I also let them know that I am not a moody person, what they see is what they get each day.
Being in a relationship I think it is very important to be self-disclosed because that is how people learn about each other’s. I also believe that some things you do not share and leave in the past especially if it’s not healthy for the future relationship. If the person wants a satisfaction relationship, self-disclosure has to in the picture. When you are in a relationship there are some things that you will not like the same, such as food, agree with the same movie to watch and no two people are alike. What may get on my nerves may not get on the other’s person nerve that is why self-disclosure is very important you get to know some of theirs likes and dislikes.
The gender difference is so true when communicating. I can talk to my son and it seems like his mind is somewhere else and I have to say look at me when I am talking to you. On the other hand when I am talking to my daughter she looks at me the whole time I am talking to let me know she is listening to me. The similarities I have experienced between genders is they both were stubborn. No one wanted to admit they were wrong and waiting on the other to say they were wrong.
Sometime I feel like I fit into a generalization because of my race and being a female. I think some people are small minded when they think a certain outcome should be based on the gender of the person.
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