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Can Money Buy Happiness Essay

  • Submitted by: yxb403
  • on April 2, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Can Money Buy Happiness" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Can money Buy Happiness?
  There are people who think that money can buy happiness. It is true that with enough money one can buy all the things one wants, and live a life of comfort and security. And it is equally true that lack of money causes great distress.
  However, it is a common view that “ money is the root of all evil.” The pursuit of money drives many people to cheat and steal. In some places there is nothing that cannot be bought with money, resulting in corrupt societies where everybody is miserable.
  In my opinion, if we make honest and sensible use of money it can be a stepping-stone to happiness. If we earn money lawfully we can be proud of achievement in gaining wealth. But we must also put our money to good use, so that it benefits not only ourselves but our fellow-man as well. Thus, my conclusion is that although money cannot buy happiness, it can make happiness possible if it is employed sensibly.
  Can money buy happiness? Various people have various answers. Some people think that money is the source of happiness. With money, one can buy whatever he enjoys. With money, one can do whatever he likes. And in their minds, money means massive houses, beautiful clothes, or luxurious cars. They even believe that money can bring power, comfort , security, friendship, love and everything.
  But there are still a lot of others who think that money is the root of all evils. Money drives people to steal, rob, and to break the law in many other ways. A lot of people become criminals just because they are greedy for money. And it is also out of the greed for money that some officials forget their duty and cause enormous losses to the country. It is also claimed that, many people get sick and even die in the pursuit of wealth.
  But, in my opinion, money is useful but merely a medium of exchange. Whether it brings you happiness or disaster largely depends on how it is used. So people must be masters, rather...

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