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Camel Milk For Food Allergies In Children Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Camel Milk for Food Allergies in Children
Patients and Methods
The parents of eight children suffering from severe food allergies
who did not respond to conventional treatments asked for
advice regarding camel milk for their children. The ages of the
children ranged from 4 months to 10 years. All suffered from
severe allergic reactions. The most prominent symptom was
diarrhea and vomiting after eating. Other accompanying symptoms
were skin rashes, lactase deficiency, chemical imbalance,
and asthma symptoms. While all had food allergies, milk allergies
were common to all. The children were followed for about
30 days.
One child, 4 months old, was taken home from hospital because
of the lack of improvement and was losing blood and liquid
in constant diarrhea. Another, a young girl from the United
States, was extremely allergic to all but a few foods. Any food
containing milk immediately caused an anaphylactic reaction.
All the parents agreed to feed their children with camel milk
under strict daily supervision (contact by phone) in order to
maintain or change the initial regimen.
Camel milk was obtained by the families from a source that
was considered hygienic. The parents were instructed not to
heat the milk, which would destroy the immunoglobulins and
protective proteins.
Based on our experience, we determined the amount of milk
and times of drinking according to the child’s age and the severity
of symptoms [3]. Milk was supplied frozen and a bottle.was thawed as needed (without adverse effects on the milk,
which returns to its initial solution). The milk replaced all other
foods for 2 weeks, after which other food was gradually added
to the diet as chosen by the parents.
It appears that camel milk has a positive effect in children with
severe food allergies. The reactions are rapid and long lasting.
Much research still needs to be done on the healing effects of
the milk. We are preparing a research program to be...

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