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Cam Beagle Essay

  • Submitted by: henryleafs7
  • on August 20, 2015
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CAM: Beagle Inc. Entrance to US Market
Being that Beagle is a tool for handling English contracts, it would be foolish to not consider the
American market. This is not a unique idea as many successful Canadian SaaS companies do
the majority of their business with US clients. In addition, Beagle maintains a number of qualities
that create a small barrier, such as ease of border entry and geographic proximity. To best enter,
offering a free trial with example agreements and support for online payments will best resonate
with American business acumen. A number of the compelling reasons for the US as a new
market simply don't exist in other countries. That, and the relative youth of the company
suggests that the next 5 years should be spent focusing on only the US and Canadian markets.
Currently, Beagle's model of customer acquisition relies on demo requests, which means both a
potential client's willingness to participate, and a time from Beagle staff is required. It also
leaves a number of un-answered questions as well as potentially establishes some false
assumptions regarding the product. American culture, and more importantly business practices
operates very much on a 'Show-Me' basis. So much so, the state of Missouri's unofficial tagline
is the ‘Show-Me-State' (State Nicknames Massachusetts).
A web form that requires some account information (email and password), can have a potential
customer up and running with a 30 day trial of the software. Furthermore, a number of sample
contract analysis's will be pre-uploaded allowing the interested party to see the capabilities of
the software by using it. No assumptions, strictly fully featured glimpse at what the capabilities
of Beagle are.
Geography is not a barrier to this approach. In fact, most of Beagle's web hosting is located in
the USA already. Without any further provisions, any potential customer with internet access is
able to utilize Beagle. Some existing web based ad campaigns should...

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