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Call Money Rate Essay

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Chapter – 1

1.1 Origin of the Report
As students of FIN 380, we are assigned to collect information on banks call money rate. Based on the collected information, we have to prepare a report that shows us the real scenario of whether call money rate is affected by bank deposit and loan. This report is aimed as a practical knowledge for the Management of Commercial Banks course of Business Administration program. We are instructed to prepare the report under the consul of our respective course instructor Quazi Sagota Samina on 18th October 2011 and the last date of submission is on 11th December 2011.
1.2 Background of the Study
Job in banking sector is more preferable and suitable for finance major students. So we have to know all the activities of bank to get the challenging job in a top ranking bank. The core activity on which a bank is founded is selling deposit and granting loan for different purpose. Today bank not only provides loan to individual and corporation but also provides loan to other financial institution. Bank charges interest rate called call money rate while lending to financial firm. By preparing this report we will know and understand how call money rate is work and what are the factors affect it.
1.3 Objective Of The Study
We prepare this report base on two purposes-
1.3.1 Broad Objective
To know whether the Call Money Rate affected by bank deposit & loan or not.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives
The mainstay objectives of the report are as follows:

• To know how to organize information and prepare the report
• To know how to collect information on bank call money rate

• To identify and determine correlation between average deposit, average loan and call money rate.
• To identify and determine regression where call money rate is dependent variable, average deposit & average loan is independent variable.
• To know how SPSS work to calculate correlation and regression

1.4 Scope
There is certain barrier as we...

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