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Busness Essay

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Soft HR planning
The assessment of four categories or areas:
- Defining where the organisation is now
- Defining where it wants to be in the future
- Analysing its external environment, influences and trends (over which it has
no control)
- Formulating plans to implement necessary changes.
These four categories are important stages in the strategic planning process.
Soft workforce planning is concerned with the formulation of the mission,
goals, objectives and strategy of the organisation and how variables such as
growth, product, life cycle, competitive advantage and HR development will
impact on its human resources
Hard HR planning
Finding the appropriate level of human resource.Hard workforce planning activities include:Forecasting: the number of employees required in the future to support thedemand for the organisation’s products and services. It also includes theassessment of the internal and external supply of human resources.Analysis: of how current employees are being utilised throughout theorganisation and how this impacts on demand.Monitoring and review: reconciling workforce plans with actual practiceand facilitating any amendments needed to plans
Buchanan and Huczynski (2004) define learning as “the process of acquiring knowledge
through experience which leads to an enduring change in behaviour.”
Learning is a fundamental aspect of our psychological make-up and a vital part of each
person’s physical, social and psychological development.
Learning occurs through formal, systematic and structured activities at school, college,
training centres and in the workplace – it also occurs through informal interactions with
other people. However, a great deal of learning is self-managed, i.e., it is initiated bythe individual because the individual wants to learn. This is quite different from training,which is typically initiated by the organisation because there are things that theorganisation wants people to learn – whether they...

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