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Business Organisation Essay

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Firstly the Autocratic leadership which is where leaders have complete power and no one else is allowed to make any decisions, this type of leadership is very efficient where decisions are made quickly and work gets done. The downside of this kind of leadership is that most people don’t like to be treated this way so this results in high levels of people being absent and there is a high staff turnover although this style is most effective in some routine and unskilled jobs.[ http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_84.htm]
The New York Times is one of the top companies with an autocratic leadership. It had A.M.Rosanthal, a famous autocratic leader who presided over the company in the 1970s. After Rosenthal, Howell Raines took over his policy of “flooding the zone” or using all his resources to cover what he said were the important stories led to unprecedented success, where the company won a record seven Pulitzers Prizes in one year, however his style made him contemptuous, dismissive, and sarcastic, he centralised decision-making and disregarded all efforts and contributions before his arrival. All this created distress and dissension among staff, leading to a decline in quality and quantity of information so he was fired after 21 months in the job.[http://www.brighthubpm.com/resource-management/77233-examples-of-companies-with-autocratic-leadership/]
`Secondly the Bureaucratic leadership is where everything is done by the book and where rules and procedures are followed rigorously and all procedures are followed precisely. This kind of leadership is good for 

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