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Business Law Case Tasini V.Aol, Inc Essay

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Business Law Assignment:
IRAC Analysis: Tasini v.AOL, Inc
The issue of the case Tasini v.AOL is that whether the AOL is supposed to pay compensation to freelance blogger for the Huffington post for their content. For this case, the court must decide that Tasini (a freelance blogger) should be paid for the content for his previous work or AOL should not pay.
Tasini sued company AOL, under Data Protection Act (DPA) for using his content, after the purchase of Huffington post on which he was giving his content for last five years as a freelance blogger.
Tasini sued AOL for using his blogging content for which he was not paid the compensation. Huffington site was non-profitable enterprise on which different bloggers post their content. Huffington sells advertising and due to the content or blogs more visitors’ number increased at the post site. Tasini posted his content 216 times over the period of five years and in his view the high-quality content made the site attractive and increased the number of visitors at the post site at no cost.
In this case the court decided in the favor of AOL, Tasini had full knowledge that no expectations regarding compensation should be made from the post site, all they can get from site is the exposure that he achieved. Post site didn’t promise for any other monetary benefit and no one forced him to work on the post site. It was his own free will to work and he can’t claim any compensation in this case. Thus, AOL is not responsible for paying him anything.
W-What I learned
The case had several learning objectives. An employee can ask for compensation from employer under Federal Employer Liability Act (FELA) for compensation or any kind of damages if he/she is working with the company as a permanent or contractual employee, subjected to the nature of full-time employment but as a freelance worker on social media or website a person can’t complain for compensation when he/she is well...

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