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Business L3 Unit 13 P1 Essay

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1.1 Brief description

We are going to expand our business to England which will be doing the same as what they are doing within Holland. Our core business is:

sell clothing in England because we think there is a good opportunity to grow abroad.

• our core-business is selling the products to other retailers.
• core-activities import clothes and accessories   to sell them to retailers in England.
• making a organogram (work processes).

We need to hire Someone for:

Commerce Manager: Job function is import and sales

For that we need someone that works on Marketing and communication, which we will hire in England.

We will have our job interviews within England and we need the following jobs to complete our team within England. This because England has different Regulations than from what we have in Holland. We need to hire the following people:

Job Description

Full time Sales manager
Sales manager is the typical title of someone whose role is sales management. The role typically involves sales planning, human resources, talent development, leadership and control of resources such as organizational assets.

Full time Marketing manage
A marketing manager formulates a firm's marketing strategy. With the assistance of a marketing or sales team, a marketing manager estimates demand for and identifies markets for the company's or organization's products and services. A marketing manager and his or her team also set prices with an eye toward maximizing profits, increasing market share and keeping customers happy.

Part-time accountant manager
An employee whose job is the day-to-day support of a particular customer's account with a business, and who serves as the primary point of contact between the customer and the company. The account manager position can provide customer support, technical support, planning and optimization for the account, as well as developing a relationship with the customer.

Part-time Human resource manager...

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