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Business Factors Essay

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Parliament makes important decisions and they help run the country. The prime minister runs the country and appoints the cabinet of senior Ministers that are ultimately in charge of key areas of the Country; E.G a minister may be in charge of education. Great Britain is also a member of the European Union meaning that decisions that are made can also have an impact on other countries.
Councils are elected to represent their local communities in the House of Lords and the House of Commons, they make decisions and have discussions based on the problems that are in their local areas. For example one area may have a high unemployment rate.
Political decisions involve making choices that can as a result affect large areas and a large amount of the population. The decisions that the politicians make can affect and sometimes be detrimental on small scale businesses. Decisions can include things such as making new laws and this will sometimes even be beneficial to small scale businesses. Ways in which a Businesses performance could be affected is if a business’s tax is raised or the business is stopped from carrying out specific activities.
Asda- They have to pay Vat on all of the products that they purchase and also charge VAT on all of the products that they sell. Due to current tax rates increasing to a high of 20% subsequently the prices of all the products will have to be slightly increased, this will counteract the high tax rates. As Asda have to put prices up they often do more special offers so that the customers save a bit of money.
Oxfam- They do not have to pay tax on any items that are sold due to the fact that they are an authorised charity. The result of this is that Oxfam will save money and will have more to actually donate to the charity. Customers would also make sure they were not unnecessarily charged VAT on an item if they ticked a certain box on a form they filled out when donating an item over the value of £10. The charity would also actually...

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