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Business Consumer Behavior Essay

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The role that ritual situations play in this case is how retailers are making setting up Christmas displays more earlier in the year around early Halloween time in October instead of the traditional way which is around thanksgiving time in November.one example of how ritual situations plays a role in this case is how its states the retail store pier 1 conducts an e-mail campaign, which featured a snowman encouraging consumers to get an early start on Christmas. This took place back in July in summer season. The reason why most retailers are doing this is because; Christmas is major for them. Even though all holidays are important, Christmas is a large ritual situation because a large amount of shopping is associated with Christmas
What Target is doing as far as using multi-channel strategies individually to target the consumers who prefer to shop in earlier for the Christmas season; is using guest surveys and evaluation of point-of-sales data to see how consumers really felt about Christmas creep. Also, had some Christmas merchandise stocked in the store earlier, and only select customers are targeted with holiday e-mails, and direct mail prior to the main holiday campaign launch. They actually made an effort to wait to the actually holiday season to begin its holiday promotions.   Target actually took a different approach because of consumers becoming burned out by the overexposure to Christmas displays, advertising, and other promotions. This was a smart move because that’s what every other retailer was doing that year of 2010. So delaying its holiday advertising campaign was a deliberate move on Targets behalf.
The roles marketer must play regarding problem recognition with Christmas creep is role of responding to the consumer problem. Some problems that marketers recognized is some consumers my like to shop early in the year so marketers would have retailers put out promotions and have merchandise so consumers can shop much earlier as they would like in...

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