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Business Concept Essay

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There are three items that generate the revenues. The first one is sales from designed website whose revenue is 5500. The second one is sales from IE training whose revenue is 20000. The third one is sales from designed website whose revenue is 4500. There is no sales discount according to the items that is given. So the sales discount is 0. The total gross sales are 30000. It involves sales from designed website (5500+4500) twice, IE training (20000). Plus all of them, you can get the gross sales which is 30000.

No , there is no item of cost of goods sold for this project , because the cost of goods sold is that total cost of obtaining materials for making the products sold by a firm during one year , but in this project , it did not mention anything about the cost for making the products sold . So the cost of goods sold is 0. Gross profit is 30000. You can get it by using revenue minus cost of goods sold and discount , the revenue is 30000 , the cost of goods sold is 0 and the discount is also 0 , so the gross profit is 30000 .

The operating expenses include selling expenses, general and admin, depreciation and other expenses. There is no tax payable, because the list of items does not have items about it. So the tax payable is 0. The net profit is 23000. It can be got by gross profit minus the operating expenses. The gross profit is 30000, the operating expenses is 7000, so the net profit is 23000

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