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Business Administration Essay

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Stress away center
  I. Introduction
Stress away center is a new place for those who are in mood-down and want to do something to help themselves out of sorrows. We provide some different services in entertainment sector existing in Hanoi.
Nowadays, life becomes more and more busy and people are often under pressure. It is widely-acknowledged that in the modern world pressure greatly impacts to the mental health and makes people always be on stress status. Stress can disturb learning and memory development, make the spirit go down uncontrollably .Whenever people are stress, they all want to exit this status immediately by putting the anger into doing something/somebody. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce stress in life .It is the reason why we want to make dream of opening the stress -away center come true.
The founding of this new service type is expected to draw much more attention.
Stress-away center wants to do something to help people out of sorrows. Coming to our center, customers are provided some different services such as single–karaoke, breaking the dishes, fighting to dummy, etc. The types of our service are also update in order to create the interest for customers’ taste.
  II. Vision and mission
  * Vision: the well-known entertaining center in Hanoi with creative activities recognized by everyone.
  * Mission: by continuing turning out brand new kinds of entertainment and improving the quality of services to every individual to have a place to be his (her)-self for a better feeling.
  III. Services
  1. Designing services
  * How the different components are delivered to the customers
Each type of the service will bring to the customers different feeling, but all have the same purpose is to make people who come to the center feel relax or at least reduce stress.
In the modern life, people have so many relationships for a variety purposes, it could be for work, for love, for benefits or for anything. Among people we meet...

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